People are at the heart of what we do

We are a collection of curious minds, a company of financial services experts who thrive on solving the most complex challenges for our clients.

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Combining independent thinking with a tried-and-tested methodology

At Woodhurst we marry independent thinking with tried-and-tested methodology. This ensures consistent, repeatable delivery of positive outcomes for our clients.

Individually and collectively we will do everything we can to deliver success for our clients because, without it, we would not be successful.

Our Expertise


Digital Transformation

Woodhurst can provide leadership, analytical and technical expertise to define your end to end digital strategy, digitise and automate your end to end processes, and successfully enact change across all digital channels.
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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is far from a new concept, but significant challenges to their widescale adoption still exist within Financial Services. Woodhurst is committed to helping our clients overcome these challenges and take advantage of the many benefits that these technologies have to offer.
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AI & Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning is becoming one of the most exciting areas of opportunity for Financial Services, but capitalising on this new, innovative technology has so far been limited. Woodhurst will couple a unique blend of data scientists, engineers and delivery consultants, with technology focused partnerships, to ease the introduction of hugely beneficial solutions.
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Our Process

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The Woodhurst Blueprint©, our proprietary toolkit, forms the framework that all our projects are delivered upon. It ensures that every project is delivered to the same uncompromising standard of excellence.
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