The Modern Mutual: What’s your strategy?

The Modern Mutual: What’s your strategy?

Lydia Coyle Ben Nadel
by Lydia Coyle & Ben Nadel

Download our new report today – “The Modern Mutual: What’s your strategy?”

At Woodhurst, we believe that everyone should have access to better financial solutions, and we recognise the integral role that the Building Society sector plays in delivering this in the UK.

Having spoken to more than half of the Building Society CEOs in recent months, we have observed common trends, challenges, and concerns. One recurring topic is the importance of addressing risks and embarking on a suitable transformation journey that aligns with each Society’s unique circumstances. We have also been exploring what defines the Modern Mutual and how it differentiates from traditional Building Societies.

We believed it would be valuable to distil these discussions into a whitepaper that contributes to the ongoing transformation efforts within the sector.

The report draws upon the insights and expertise of over 45 influential voices across the sector, including Building Society CEOs and leaders, industry experts, and vendors, making it a valuable resource that aims to offer guidance to Societies navigating their transformation paths.

Report Highlights Include:

This is an exciting time for the mutual sector, as we have witnessed positive changes in recent years. However, we want to further support the sector’s modernisation, ensuring its ability to continue playing a vital role in Society for generations to come.

Download our new report “The Modern Mutual: What’s your strategy?” here

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