Uncovering the true potential of Open Finance

Uncovering the true potential of Open Finance

Lydia Coyle
by Lydia Coyle

Download our new report today – “Uncovering the true potential of Open Finance”

To truly uncover the potential of Open Finance, we can’t just talk about it in general terms. We can’t just relay the expected benefits back to customers. We need to highlight, with specific detail, the products and solutions that are being developed today, to show how Open Finance can dramatically improve customers’ financial lives.

That’s what this report focusses on – uncovering the true potential of Open Finance.

We have spoken to over 20 of the most exciting companies across the industry to gather their insights on Open Finance, and how their products and services are already looking to bring the opportunities to life.

The report highlights what the biggest pain points are for customers, how these are being addressed in the market, and what more needs to be done to turn Open Finance into a reality.

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