The Role of Open Banking in Protecting Vulnerable Customers 

In 2024, becoming a digital-first Financial Institution (FI) is not just an advantage, but a necessity for most that wish to both retain and gain customers. The emergence of Open Banking has compounded this, becoming a catalyst for innovation and customer-centricity. When discussing the benefits of Open Banking, the theme is often around how it […]

Is spending money (wisely) the new way forward for financial literacy?

As we gear up to the festive season, it is not a surprise to hear that UK Consumers are loading up their shopping carts in celebration, with total spending rising to almost £110 billion in the last three months of 2023. However, with increased spending and the continued cost of living crisis, one thing is […]

Fintechs: aligning our carbon footprint with our consumption?

Can fintechs become the new champions of sustainability? Sustainability is no longer just a ‘buzzword’ for the millennials – it has ignited ESG conversations across multiple industries, most recently as financial service products diversify. Accessible through Open Banking, providers can obtain a customer’s transaction data and, using new product features typically known as carbon or […]

Fintech Feature – fena

fena aims to democratise Open Banking access for payments and data with affordable and easy to integrate solutions. They offer data and payment connections to the Open Banking ecosystem with a suite of APIs, SDKs, plug’n’play extensions and apps, and build software solutions on top of Open Banking APIs. We spoke to Gosia Furmanik, the […]

Open Banking Payments – what is hindering the road to adoption?

By now, most of us are familiar with the concept of Open Banking, we have given it a go and used an app to gain a single view of our finances by linking it to our accounts across different Banks. The number of active UK Open Banking users has now surpassed five million – just […]