Shift: The Open Finance Community

Collaboration, partnerships and integrations will be essential in the effort to push the Open Finance agenda forward.

The Open Finance Community – SHIFT was therefore established as a dedicated, industry-wide forum that allows the founders and leaders of organisations across the ecosystem to engage as an aligned community to drive actions forward and really accelerate the Open Finance agenda.


Focus of the community

Shift: The Open Finance Community

Data categorisation & taxonomies

Tackling the inconsistencies that exist across different data classifications and categorisations – with the AISPs and API providers that enrich data today
Shift: The Open Finance Community

Access to non-banking APIs

Crafting a model between a focused group of impacted fintech’s that incentivises or encourages non-banking participants to share crucial customer data, in the absence of a formal, prescriptive regulatory framework
Shift: The Open Finance Community

Regulatory issues

Establishing a forum that has the ear of the regulator to raise and solve regulatory issues surrounding Open Finance – creating a larger voice through a connected group