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Through a combination of management, analysis and change capabilities - coupled with the Woodhurst Blueprint © - we are keenly positioned to help our clients overcome their biggest challenges, whatever the situation.


At the core of the business are our project and programme managers who are adeptly qualified to provide expertise across the delivery lifecycle. From project initiation through to implementation, we are able to lead complex programmes and projects for our clients, combining our deep industry experience as individuals with our collective experience as Woodhurst, captured within the Woodhurst Blueprint.


As consultants, the urge to analyse runs deep. We are curious minds, inquisitive in nature and intellectually stimulated by complex challenges. We enjoy delving into the detail to truly understand the mechanics of a given issue, so that we are better able to work through the problem and truly support our clients.


The financial services industry is, and always will be, in a perpetual state of flux; we live and work within a world where change is inevitable. Woodhurst embraces this change head on, helping our clients to understand its implications and unlock the opportunities that it can offer.

Woodhurst Blueprint ©

The Woodhurst Blueprint ©, our proprietary toolkit, forms the framework that all our projects are delivered upon. It ensures that every project is delivered to the same uncompromising standard of excellence.

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