Powering the Modern Mutual: The Technology Landscape

Powering the Modern Mutual: The Technology Landscape

Lottie Maddocks Mokhammed Sagaev
by Lottie Maddocks & Mokhammed Sagaev

Download our new report today – “Powering the Modern Mutual: The Technology Landscape”

Woodhurst’s latest report, “Powering the Modern Mutual: The Technology Landscape,” stems from our belief that everyone should have access to better financial solutions. Recognising the pivotal role of technology in enabling Building Societies to meet evolving member needs, we delve into the necessity of modernisation.

Building on our previous report, “The Modern Mutual: What’s your strategy?”, our latest whitepaper uncovers the vital link between technology and the modernisation journey. We’ve observed a growing demand among Building Societies for deeper insights into the technology landscape, driven by the urgency to adapt to a digital world.

Crafted as an independent guide, our report navigates the complex market of technology vendors, focusing on core aspects of the digital transformation journey: Core Banking, Lending, and Savings. Grounded in real-world applications, we shed light on vendor capabilities, ensuring relevance and usefulness.

Through extensive engagement with over 30 vendors, we’ve curated insights directly from the source. Our aim is to facilitate informed decision-making among Building Societies, guiding them towards partners committed to their success.

As Building Societies aspire to become Modern Mutuals, our report serves as a valuable tool, illuminating opportunities for growth and innovation. More than a directory, it’s a narrative of progress and partnership, highlighting the strategic alliance between Building Societies and technology vendors.

Join us in exploring the technology shaping the future of Building Societies. Welcome to our latest exploration.

Download our new report “Powering the Modern Mutual: The Technology Landscape” here

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