Financial Crime and Risk Management

Financial crime compliance remains one of the major areas of focus for financial institutions.  They have the difficult task of identifying the greatest risks to themselves and to their customers, safeguarding both parties whilst satisfying regulatory requirements.  Complicating the task is the changing nature of financial crime: those looking to take advantage of control weaknesses become savvier by the day.  Financial institutions must continuously evolve their controls and processes to keep up.

In today’s world Financial Crime can be viewed as a double-edged sword.  It presents both the challenge of compliance but also the opportunity to take advantage of new technologies to streamline processes and reduce costs. 

Woodhurst has experience delivering complex Financial Crime Transformation programmes for several clients ranging from challenger banks to global universal banks.

We can help clients navigate the full spectrum of Financial Crime change including projects to:

  • Identify and assess Financial Crime Risk
  • Respond to evolving regulation
  • Define or enhance existing frameworks

Woodhurst will enhance your organisation’s capability in all facets of financial crime defence.  With experience across Onboarding, Sanctions Screening, Transaction Monitoring and Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Woodhurst has the capability and expertise to turn your financial crime risk into an opportunity.

Luke Casey
“Financial Crime is a fascinating area to work in due to the pace of change and the criticality of the subject matter. The coming years present some real opportunities for using new technologies to increase compliance and detection whilst also generating cost savings. I am eager to see the advancements that can be made and keen for Woodhurst to be at the forefront of this change.”
Luke Casey

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