Cloud & Big Data

Cloud Computing and Big Data are far from new concepts, but significant challenges to their widescale adoption still exist within Financial Services.

Whether it is due to complex underlying architecture, organisational barriers to adoption or difficulty organising, storing and processing data, we believe that banks can reap far greater benefits from these technologies than they do today.

Woodhurst is committed to helping our clients take advantage of the many benefits that these technologies have to offer.

Our consultants have supported global banks to embrace, establish and maintain cloud environments to support and deliver innovative products to the market. We’ve managed the development of innovative solutions that leverage the wealth of data that banks store to derive greater value for their customers. We’ve trialled cloud-based artificial intelligence platforms within banks to streamline operational processes.

The challenges to adoption aren’t straightforward, but the rewards can be plentiful:

  • Freedom to focus on deriving greater value for customers, rather than managing large data centres and complex architectures
  • Greater ability to rapidly develop and deliver products to customers, at scale
  • Smoother introduction of new tools and technologies – such as AI and Machine Learning – across the business
  • Potential to unlock deep customer insights by better managing and processing data

Woodhurst can use our deep industry expertise to help you analyse, plan, manage and implement cloud solutions and big data technologies, and help you to unlock opportunities to truly take advantage of their potential.

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