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Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is becoming one of the most exciting areas of opportunity for financial institutions.  But while other industries are making major efficiency, productivity and other breakthroughs with AI and ML, most financial institutions are yet to fully unlock the benefits of AI and ML for either their business or customers.

AI and ML companies are keen to help, but struggle to effect the necessary changes within a financial institution for the AI and ML technologies to take root. That has led many AI and ML companies to partner with consultancies to help navigate the challenges by leveraging the deep relationships consultancies have within these financial institutions.

Our consultants provide vital delivery support using the Woodhurst Blueprint © that has been tailored to delivering AI and ML projects within financial institutions. Our people are experienced in both delivering complex technology change projects at financial institutions and working closely with the leading AI and ML companies.

Ben Nadel, Director
I am genuinely excited about the impact AI and ML can have on both financial institution’s customers and their businesses. You only need to look at the incredible breakthroughs its having in the medical, supply-chain and other sectors to know it’s just a matter of time before the same is true for financial services.
Ben Nadel, Director

We have seen the same challenges on technology projects time and time again at different banks. Poor data, systems that don’t talk to each other, high vendor churn. We’re pleased to see financial institutions investing more in fixing these problems. Those that can fix these issues first will have exciting opportunities to unlock the potential of AI and ML and introduce exciting new customer features while cutting huge costs out of their businesses.

Woodhurst really wants to be part of the AI and ML breakthroughs that await just around the corner.

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