Mastering Scale: Fintech Growth



In the fintech entrepreneur’s playbook, the art of scaling takes centre stage. For a savvy fintech player, crafting support structures in harmony with growing customer demands is paramount. Faced with a tenfold increase in its customer base, a savings, investment, and pensions platform embarked on a mission to migrate new customers to its proprietary platform within a year. The challenge was clear: how to scale the technology team and platform effectively while maintaining engineering efficiency.


Our mandate encompassed strategic scaling and technological empowerment:

  • Revamping Architecture for Scalability: The team commenced by scrutinising the existing technology platform and architecture, identifying scalability obstacles. Our goal was to redefine the architecture for seamless scaling and enhanced flexibility.
  • Tech Team Restructuring: Recognising the disparity between customer growth and technology capability, Woodhurst recommended a tech team restructuring to align with the future state architecture.
  • Strategic Roadmap: Our collaboration extended beyond technology. We partnered with the organisation to formulate strategies for securing additional investment and acquiring new customers.

Action / Approach

Our collaborative journey embraced a comprehensive approach:

  • Redefining Architecture: We strategised an architecture overhaul to facilitate rapid scaling, enabling the platform to accommodate growing customer demands efficiently.
  • Tech Team Reshaping: With an eye on aligning teams with strategic goals, we guided the restructuring of the tech team, ensuring they were well-equipped to support the revamped architecture.
  • Strategic Goals Alignment: Collaborating closely with the client, we developed a cohesive strategy to attract investment and drive customer acquisition, paving the way for sustainable growth.
  • Principles for Agility: We distilled principles for efficient work on a flexible platform with a lean team, ensuring streamlined operations and nimble responses to market demands.


Our collaborative efforts yielded a clear and actionable roadmap for improvement:

  • Pain Points Identification: We pinpointed 43 pain points across the organisation that hindered effective scaling and compromised engineering efficiency.
  • Opportunities for Change: Presenting 30 distinct opportunities with actionable plans, we initiated a transformation across engineering functions and business teams, facilitating smoother operations and enhanced scalability.

Woodhurst’s partnership with the savings, investment, and pensions platform exemplifies the power of strategic scaling and technological empowerment. By aligning architecture, teams, and strategies, we orchestrated a transformation that not only facilitated customer migration but also positioned the platform for sustained growth in the dynamic fintech landscape.

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