Architectural Challenges at a Tier 1 Bank


As banks expand through acquisitions, the integration of disparate legacy systems can strain core banking architectures, leading to misalignment and inefficiencies. Woodhurst partnered with a Tier 1 bank to address architectural hurdles in three pivotal domains: alignment, modernisation, and business sponsorship.


Our focus encompassed strategic alignment, modernisation, and fostering business support:

  • As-Is Assessment and Future Visioning – we embarked on a two-stage transformation approach:
    • Conducted workshops with the core banking leadership team to dissect the existing core banking landscape and identify critical challenges.
    • With a clear future vision articulated, we transitioned to implementation planning.
  • Implementation and Roadmapping:
    • Collaborated closely with global core banking teams to formulate a comprehensive action plan driving the bank toward the desired target state.
    • Leveraged insights gleaned from workshops to craft a roadmap, streamlining the bank’s operational framework.
    • Conducted communication sessions with senior leadership and regional leads, securing their buy-in and alignment with the new approach.

Action / Approach

Our collaborative journey unfolded through well-defined phases:

  • Navigating Challenges: We engaged in intensive workshops with the core banking leadership team, disentangling complexities and laying the groundwork for a cohesive future operating model.
  • Implementation Prowess: Partnering with global core banking teams, we devised a precise action plan, enabling a seamless transition to the target state.
  • Strategic Roadmapping: Informed by workshop insights, we charted a clear roadmap, optimising the bank’s operational pathways.
  • Strengthening Buy-In: Through targeted communication sessions, we secured alignment and support from senior leadership and regional heads, fostering a shared commitment to the new approach.


Our strategic collaboration yielded transformative results:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The core banking team experienced heightened efficiency and accelerated speed to market, thanks to a refined alignment with the target state.
  • Architectural Modernisation: Empowered by our architectural assessment and reinforced by increased business sponsorship, the bank embarked on multiple core modernisation initiatives, laying the foundation for future innovation and growth.
  • Operational Excellence: Woodhurst’s partnership fostered the establishment of new structures, setting the stage for sustained operational excellence in the long term.

Woodhurst’s synergy with the Tier 1 bank exemplifies the potency of strategic alignment, modernisation, and proactive business sponsorship. By unravelling architectural complexities, fostering strategic buy-in, and facilitating operational enhancements, we orchestrated a transformation that enhances efficiency, fuels innovation, and positions the bank for a resilient future in the ever-evolving banking landscape.

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