Machine Learning for the foreseeable future

On the eve of the 2016 election, a number of polling websites, including the New York Times, gave Donald Trump less than a 1% chance of beating Hillary Clinton. In the case of Brexit, it was a hard-learned lesson that “surely not” isn’t an entirely accurate way to forecast whether something will occur or not. […]

Introducing the Woodhurst Blueprint ©

The study of history often helps to draw out ways in which we might respond differently to similar circumstances in the future, usually with the aim of achieving a more advantageous or positive outcome. However, the frequency with which single events, sequences of events and cycles of events reoccur with almost exactly the same result […]

You’re more than your credit score

When I was in my early twenties I applied for a small personal loan but I was denied due to a poor credit score. When I enquired, the credit scoring agency said my lack of history was the reason. It was frustrating that my lack of debt history, not my monthly income and healthy bank […]

Fraudsters reaping the rewards of data harvested from discarded devices

Whether your smartphone has succumbed to inbuilt obsolescence, or the latest Apple phone release is simply shinier than the last, there is no denying that consumers are swapping, reselling or trading in their devices with increasing frequency. Today, on average a Westerner upgrades their smartphone every 18-24 months. Whipping out a Blackberry at a business […]

Head in the clouds

Is cloud computing not a bit old hat now, with banks benefitting from widescale adoption across their business lines? And given the dramatic quarterly jump in earnings for both AWS and Microsoft Azure in Q4 2018 (45% and 76% respectively), shouldn’t we expect that banks across the UK and globally have contributed substantially to this […]

The trials and tribulations of onboarding

Setting up Woodhurst required us to complete a huge number of tasks behind the scenes to get ready for launch.  One of the most fundamental was setting up a business bank account so we can transact with our clients and pay our staff.  We expected this to be relatively simple so settled upon a traditional […]

IoT isn’t revolutionising Financial Services… yet

The world is full of sensors collecting information on things; more and more of these sensors are connected to the internet making this information available in real-time: The Internet of Things. IoT has made big waves in businesses with complex supply chains, which are ripe for efficiency gains using IoT. DHL claim to have improved […]

AI in transaction monitoring – Two birds, one stone

Regulators are often typified as conservative, sometimes constraining organisations that exist to put limits on the extent to which banks can innovate and trial new solutions. However, regulators worldwide do seem to be rapidly changing their approach, and banks can act swiftly to take advantage of the new outlook by using regulatory change to stay […]