Navigating AI in Financial Services

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Is spending money (wisely) the new way forward for financial literacy?

As we gear up to the festive season, it is not a surprise to hear that UK Consumers are loading up their shopping carts in celebration, with total spending rising to almost £110 billion in the last three months of 2023. However, with increased spending and the continued cost of living crisis, one thing is […]

Fintech feature – Nutmeg

The first and largest digital wealth manager in the UK, Nutmeg has more than 140,000 clients and £3.5bn in assets under management. Last week JPMorgan acquired Nutmeg for an undisclosed sum, having valued the fintech at £700m according to the Financial Times. Finanser’s CEO Chris Skinner says it will give JPMorgan a quick leg up […]

Fintech feature – Tred

Tred is a profit for purpose fintech using Open Banking to help consumers to track, reduce and offset their carbon footprint. By dynamically calculating an individual’s carbon footprint using transaction data, Tred is able to provide actionable guidance that will help to make more sustainable choices. Coupled with their green debit card, Tred is actively […]

Fintech feature – Sugi

Sugi is on a mission to transform green investing. The app gives users clear green data about their investments, so they can understand their personal climate impact and make informed decisions when managing their portfolios. We spoke to Josh Gregory, Founder of Sugi to find out more about this exciting FinTech focused on green investing. […]

Fintech Feature – BankiFi

We spoke to Mark Hartley, Founding Partner of BankiFi, to find out more about this exciting fintech. Who does BankiFi support? There are 5.5 million sole traders and micro businesses in the UK – organisations with 0-10 employees. That accounts for 99% of all private companies and 60% of the total workforce. This is the […]

Increasing the effectiveness of AI projects

It is a stark reality that 9 out of 10 AI or Machine Learning projects fail to make it to production. In some cases, this is understandable. Many AI projects are experimental in nature and therefore will not be suitable for a full production deployment. However, it’s difficult to believe that this should be the […]

AI is as much about people as it is about machines

The organisation can sow the seeds of a culture, but it’s the people that cultivate it and allow it to blossom. For an AI project to produce fantastic results, firms need a blend of engineering, delivery and business skills. The boundaries between data, analytics and technology need to be broken down and the organisation needs […]

The challenge of Digital Identity

I have certain physical characteristics that will not change dramatically (if at all) over the course of my life. There are aspects of my eyes, voice, fingerprints, height, gait, the shape of my face, that give someone or something certainty that I am me. Attached to these physical characteristics are certain immutable facts. I was […]

Digitising customer support

In the immediate response to the crisis, back in March and April, many banks across the UK introduced measures to better support customers. Nationwide’s Arti chat bot began fielding mortgage holiday queries back in March, and has been further developed since HSBC introduced live chat functionality into their mobile and web platforms – a feat […]

Technical Due Diligence: 5 reasons to look beyond the technology

London tech firms have succeeded in raising $25.5bn in venture capital investment in 2021 despite the global COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, over double 2020 investment levels. With activity not looking to slow down in 2022, we can expect many innovative, digitally focused start ups to emerge from the crisis as prime candidates for future funding. […]

Data – the lifeblood of your organisation

The cost of poor data quality and inadequate data management is at an all-time high and increasing as we speak. 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years, with poor data quality costing large organisations an average of $9.7 million per year. It’s unsurprising then that a recent survey of […]