The true cost of financial wellbeing

What is Financial Wellbeing? Money problems are one of the key drivers for poor mental health. People with problem debt are significantly more likely to experience mental health problems – with nearly half (46%) of people in problem debt suffering from poor mental health. What’s more, there is significant stigma around both debt and mental […]

7 ways to bring back human connection in a digital world

How can we bring human connection back into our lives? As we have already discussed here, the increased prevalence of digital technology has gradually eroded human connection, proving detrimental to many elements of our social and working lives. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. Digital technology has, in many ways, made our lives far […]

Maintaining human connection in a digital world

How has digital changed our day-to-day lives? Nowadays we are used to ordering our food through digital technology, be it via a delivery service like Deliveroo or Uber Eats, or through scanning a QR code when we sit down in a restaurant. We no longer need to ring up and visit our local takeaway or […]

How will Open Finance play out in the long run?

Many of us are thinking about how Open Finance will begin to impact our relationship with our money and the institutions we interact with, but there isn’t much focus on how it will really play out in the long run. Much like the 2018 Netflix interactive adventure Bandersnatch, we think there are several possible alternative […]

Fintech Feature – Mettle

Fintech Mettle provides free business accounts to small businesses with the aim of helping them ‘start, run and grow’. Mettle helps small business owners ‘get paid faster’ with invoices on the go and payment matching, ‘get tax ready’ through categorising transactions and exporting data, and ‘sync with accounting software’ via integrations with popular providers like […]

How to be set up for success with Digital Transformation

The benefit of Digital Transformation is clear to see. Digitally advanced companies create 9% more revenue than industry competitors. The 3-year average profit for digitally centric companies is 5% higher than those behind the curve. However, there is one key statistic which should be highlighted – Over 70% of Digital Transformations fail to reach their […]

Why Digital Transformation isn’t just for IT

Throughout the work we do, we often encounter people who believe that Digital Transformation sits siloed in a specific part of the organisation – usually IT. To explain why Digital Transformation is for the entire business, not just IT, it’s worth starting with what it means – which isn’t as simple as it sounds. What […]

Technology – The beating heart of AI

If data is the lifeblood of an AI solution, technology is the heart that keeps the blood pumping. The science behind AI and ML algorithms hasn’t changed dramatically in the last 30 years – it is the advent of cheap, scalable computing power hosted in the Cloud that is driving the conversation around AI today. […]