AI is as much about people as it is about machines

AI is as much about people as it is about machines

Josh Rix
by Josh Rix

The organisation can sow the seeds of a culture, but it’s the people that cultivate it and allow it to blossom.

For an AI project to produce fantastic results, firms need a blend of engineering, delivery and business skills. The boundaries between data, analytics and technology need to be broken down and the organisation needs to work to develop core capabilities everywhere, across everyone.

Most firms will have been on this journey for a number of years, but there is still a heavy reliance on flexible resources rather than building the internal capability required to ingrain expertise within the organisation, and there is an adherence to “old-world” organisational structures and departments.

To truly flourish and excel at AI implementations across the organisation, skills and capabilities need to be developed within and ideally right across the business.

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