Archives: August 2021

Fintech Feature – Akoni

Akoni helps individuals and businesses easily manage their cash through a savings dashboard, providing easy and fast access to rates across all their highly rated banks.  The range of choices on offer means customers could be earning more interest on their cash across multiple FSCS protected bank deposits. We spoke to Panos Savvas, CTO and […]

Fintech Feature – ApTap

ApTap leverages open banking to algorithmically identify and categorise bills leaving a customer’s bank account, allowing users to track and monitor regular payments. ApTap then offers suitable alternatives with the goal of saving the customer money; the average energy bill savings across ApTap users was £187 in 2020. We spoke to ApTap CCO, Will Billingsley, […]

Fintech Feature – OpenMoney

1 in 3 people in the UK have little or no confidence when managing their money, with many finding it increasingly difficult to make the most of the financial opportunities available to them. OpenMoney are a fintech founded on the vision of solving the way customers are neglecting their personal finances. Having already provided advice […]