Archives: February 2021

Woodhurst discusses the impact of Covid-19

At 8am on the first Friday of each month, Woodhurst gathers as a group to discuss a pertinent topic affecting financial services, consulting or digital transformation.  We call this early morning exchange ‘Woodhurst Discusses’ and it is usually fuelled with strong coffee and a croissant or two.  In January we settled down to discuss the […]

Have retail banks received a lasting digital boost from Covid-19?

With much said over the last year about Covid-19’s impact on digital, I see a need to separate customer-driven digital engagement initiatives from bank-driven digital transformation initiatives, to understand if there will be lasting benefits for retail banks. Digital engagement on the rise and here to stay? Bank of America’s (BofA) recent results point to […]

Open Finance takes steps to combat financial literacy

Woodhurst’s recent Open Finance report found that 47% of people do not feel confident making decisions about financial products and services.  This should come as little surprise.  I can’t remember a time when a teacher in school explained to me how a mortgage worked, or how compound interest can make an enormous difference to the […]