Archives: December 2020

Internal processes should enable not hinder AI projects

Too often financial institutions are hamstrung by internal processes which aim to control how projects are executed, but more frequently place blockers in the way of progress, particularly where new technologies are concerned. With the advent of AI and other complementary technologies – cloud computing, big data analytics – it’s vitally important that governance, procurement […]

How to be set up for success with Digital Transformation

The benefit of Digital Transformation is clear to see. Digitally advanced companies create 9% more revenue than industry competitors. The 3-year average profit for digitally centric companies is 5% higher than those behind the curve. However, there is one key statistic which should be highlighted – Over 70% of Digital Transformations fail to reach their […]

Fintech Feature – Lumio

Fintech Lumio coins itself as the next generation of personal finance, giving your finances ‘a brain’. Lumio connects your entire financial life in seconds, identifies your ‘Lazy Money’ that isn’t being optimised (like low savings interest or investment returns), and then suggests the products and services from its independent marketplace that will optimise and grow […]