Archives: October 2020

Technology – The beating heart of AI

If data is the lifeblood of an AI solution, technology is the heart that keeps the blood pumping. The science behind AI and ML algorithms hasn’t changed dramatically in the last 30 years – it is the advent of cheap, scalable computing power hosted in the Cloud that is driving the conversation around AI today. […]

Allowing AI to thrive: Why the correct culture is critical

Success happens in organisations whose culture embraces innovation, promotes an experimental, fail-fast mindset and harnesses the creative flair of its people. But it’s not easy to foster this environment. Financial targets don’t lend themselves to technology investments that might not see an immediate return; performance targets don’t tend to reward “failures”; and governance processes don’t […]

The challenge of Digital Identity

I have certain physical characteristics that will not change dramatically (if at all) over the course of my life. There are aspects of my eyes, voice, fingerprints, height, gait, the shape of my face, that give someone or something certainty that I am me. Attached to these physical characteristics are certain immutable facts. I was […]