Archives: June 2020

The great customer expectations

An emerging trend in retail banking in recent years has been the gradual shift in focus away from products and services towards a customer centric model, delivering simple, seamless, and sophisticated customer experiences.   ​Customers no longer view their experiences in an industry-silo as it is not just the Fintechs that are causing positive disruption. […]

Embedding positive changes in response to the crisis

Organisations across Financial Services have undoubtedly demonstrated a flexible and resilient response to this crisis. From the rapid distribution of over £23bn in Bounce Bank loans to the movement of entire support functions to work from home, firms have redefined processes, realigned focus and reprioritised workloads to allow their people to work safely with the […]

Technical Due Diligence – An exercise in maximising returns

The global fintech market is growing by 25% each year offering significant opportunity for investors and Venture Capital firms looking to expand their portfolios. However, given the high failure rate of start-ups, it’s crucial that investors spend sufficient time assessing the underlying qualities of a target organisation, prior to investment. Research has shown that conducting […]

How will COVID-19 affect priorities across the Financial Services industry?

We are in the midst of a health, societal and economic crisis, the scale of which hasn’t been seen for generations – if ever.  In this environment Financial Services will be looked to as a pillar of recovery by governments, organisations and individuals alike.  As economic uncertainty becomes one of the few constants over the […]

How data science is helping to combat COVID-19

Since December 2019, we have seen a barely reported virus in China become truly devastating. Over 6 million infections, 375,000 deaths, and the world is largely at a standstill. As governments try to minimise the impact, it has been made abundantly clear that modelling the spread of the disease is vital. The study of the […]