Archives: April 2020

Four steps for setting an effective cloud strategy

As we discussed in our earlier article and detailed in a short video, a cloud strategy remains an important artefact for organisations that are looking to use cloud-based tools and technologies to meet their business objectives. The strategy shouldn’t be a hefty tome, nor should it be a rigid set of rules that the organisation […]

Why a cloud strategy is still important

90% of organisations are already using the cloud in some way and the market is predicted to grow to well over $500bn in the next three years. Whether it’s a software package, an aspect of your infrastructure, or your entire platform, it’s almost a certainty that you will be using cloud now or at some […]

Happy Birthday to us

As Woodhurst celebrates its first birthday today I sat down to reflect on the business learnings which we can take from the last 12 months.  Business is much like anything new: you throw yourself into it, make mistakes, learn from them and hopefully avoid making the same mistake twice!  I’m a big fan of lists […]

A digital response to chaos

In this period of crisis and great uncertainty, our number one priority should be our health and the health of those around us. But it’s impossible to escape the financial impact that COVID-19 is having on individuals and businesses across the UK. Despite unprecedented government support in the way of grants and loans, income streams […]