Archives: December 2019

Woodhurst in 2019: Laying the foundations

I always find the end of a year a fascinating time.  It encourages you to reflect on what you’ve achieved across the last 12 months and also look forward to what you want to accomplish once the clock strikes midnight on the 31st December.  Whilst I find it useful to do this as an individual, […]

Three areas of progression in data science

The amount of data being created and made available today is extraordinary. According to a study by PWC, the accumulated digital universe of data will have grown ten-fold in the last 6 years. To put that in perspective, there are now 40 times more bytes than there are stars in the entire observable universe. Hence […]

Ensuring sustainable growth

During November 2017 I was journeying down the Caribbean coast of Mexico.  Taking in the magnificent Mayan ruins and the crystal clear blue waters I was enjoying a fantastic time away from life in London.  However, I was brought right back to reality when I lost my bank card and started fretting about the hours […]