Archives: October 2019

Brexit or not, AML regulation is here to stay

As a lot of UK business in the wake of Brexit are looking to shift clients or office space to their European neighbours, upholding intercontinental regulatory standards will become more and more important. In order to maintain amiable trade relations with the EU in a post-Brexit world, British banks will need to maintain EU Anti-Money […]

Green New Business Deal

The cost of climate change has the potential not just to decimate our natural environment and resources, but to impact our health, destroy communities, reduce productivity and threaten the global supply chains that buoy our collective wealth. As signatories to the United Nation’s Paris Agreement, the United Kingdom has pledged to do its part to […]

Implementing Innovation

Introducing innovative technologies in banks is hard. We’ve seen it first hand a number of times and there is no end to the reported failures or abandoned projects across the industry. Partly this is due to the incongruence between existing and new technologies: legacy systems don’t tend to take to innovation. But it is also […]