Archives: July 2019

Imperfect Intelligence, Part I – Garbage Data

Artificial Intelligence is here to make your life easier. It can recommend movies that you will like, it can drive you around relatively safely, diagnose your medical ailments, and it can even predict what you’re going to buy before you yourself know. In the right hands, AI is undoubtedly here to enhance your life. But […]

How We Landed on the Cloud: A Quick History of Data Storage

The other day a friend wanted to take some files from my laptop and asked if I could bring her a USB. A few years ago, I had plenty of USBs lying around ready for this exact use. As I searched frantically through all my cupboards, draws and boxes, I realised that USBs had come […]

Kicking Goals: Lessons for Financial Institutions from FIFA’s Women’s World Cup

With audience viewing having increased 5-fold since the last FIFA tournament, England’s defeat over Scotland in June drew a record-breaking 6.1 million viewers on BBC, 38% of the available audience. This was followed by the 11.7m viewers who watched England’s heartbreaking loss to the USA (take that, Love Island!), proving the women’s game can standalone […]

Manchester Digital Conference

Woodhurst were at the first Manchester Digital conference last week, which showcased the future of digital. Packed full of interesting content, I’m excited to share my three favourite sessions from Fingopay, DWP and Fuzzy Labs. Digital payments Fingopay’s Simon Binns delivered a fascinating talk on biometric payment tech, which has enabled making payments with your […]